Hi Friends of The Cooking Collaborative,

We wanted to compile a group of affiliate programs that we TRULY believe in. In our modern day, everyone seems to be an influencer, a digital marketing expert, and an Instagram celebrity promoting brands that "speak" to them. At The Cooking Collaborative we believe in only supporting brands that we connect to, support, and value. We promote, and help to influence their reach because we believe in what they are doing and representing. The brands featured here are close to our heart (and stomachs) because we value their efforts to create a product that is pure, a program, service, or software that helps the greater good. We hope that you find as much value and joy in these companies as we do. Click the links below to connect with the products and websites that we adore most. <3



After seeing Four Sigmatic on a few fitness friend's Instagram accounts, I became curious about this brand as I have a major addiction to coffee. It's likely my ONE nutritional downfall that's pretty serious. After being shroom-curious, Chef Court started drinking it in hopes to avoid the crash of coffee, as well as obtain the amazing benefits of these shroomy-super foods. As we grow our relationship with these unique flavors, we couldn't be happier with the taste and benefits thus far. Check out our Instagram & blog for updates on recipes, giveaways, and discounts!

Be sure to click the red link to the get on our level, ie; #onshrooms.


It has been four years that I have been a subscriber to FMTV.COM after being given this gift of knowledge after facing an array of health battles. Knowing that I needed to connect with the food system on a deeper level, FMTV.COM has helped to bridge the gap of what the media outlines, and the reality behind the engine of our agriculture & manufacturing system. FMTV has helped to guide, educate, and bring awareness to my life when it comes to the food industry. Although they have a great deal of resources relating to health, wellness, spirituality, fitness, and wellbeing, I have utilized FMTV.COM as my resource to watch food-related documentaries, something that I "nerd-out" to on a weekly basis. I have never valued a website as much as I value FMTV.COM! 

Click the link to the left to make food truly matter to you!




Tree Tribe is a community driven outdoor lifestyle brand that plants 10 trees on every sale. We value their dedication to our environment & nature, adventure, travel & community which are their core values. 

We support brands that help to make our world a better place. Click this link to purchase goods & plant trees!

Macro Bars are my favorite go-to bars to keep me fueled up while cooking for a client or doing more labor intensive activities. They’re heavily nut-baseed and make for a delicious snack (and often in a rush) snack to throw into your purse as an emergency. Use my code “SHAREFIRST15” with this link.